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Relax and enjoy the day House Cleaning Free, take the day off!

Our clients are the most satisfied customers in the world because in our House Cleaning business we put most of our resources into customer care and satisfaction.  We are considering running sweepstakes in the near future to show our customers appreciation we just have to work out the logistics.  So please stay tuned to the website or register to recieve our updates and we'll let you know the next time we give away an actual Vacation.  You will see that we are not just another Maid Service.

New studies show a Vacation Day is good for your health.

Vacation Days helps alivate strees and increase productivity,  see Health Article.  The clothes are sorted and put away, the papers are filed, the nick nacks are in their places.  Ready to run down to Rehoboth Beach for a day trip?  Of course you are but their is just one thing standing in your way and that is to schedule your Vacation Day House Cleaning visit so when you come home the floor is mopped, the rugs are vaccumed, the bathroom is cleaned and the dust is gone!  That is where we come in, we give you time to relax and enjoy the finer aspects of life without having to do the backbreaking chores for, well, at least a day.  Your scheduled Vacation Day Cleaning.  Book your appointment today!

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